Shake is an Earthquake Early Warning program for Windows, Linux and macOS. Be Alerted the moment an Earthquake occurs with desktop notifications and a pop-up window, Shake gives you the information you need to stay safe.
Midori is a multi-functional chat bot, built for Discord. Midori has many useful commands that help provide information to users through generated images and stylised Embeds.
Sherlock is a highly modular API Endpoint Host, Static Web Server and WebSocket Provider.
Glass is an HTML5 Operating System project, starting out simply as a Design Project, with help from the community on GitHub, we worked together to make the project a functional Desktop Operating System.
Dash is a functional solution to provide Data & Information to users via an always-on display.
Caramel is a simple to use, easy to remember Website Framework. Build beautiful sites without needing to write your own extensive CSS.